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Consultancy services

Suzan is the main consultant and has 33 years experience of working in the management and social care area which enabled her to manage services to a high standard and train teams to deliver a high service delivery. Suzan received excellent inspection reports from the Inspection unit and now helps managers to meet standards.

Do you need a Pre-inspection CQC compliance check? We can help you! Contact us!

Would you like your staff to receive some training on how to meet these standards? For more information on the training courses please click here

We have valuable knowledge and experience on training, including the requirements of the Care Quality Commission Essential Standards on Quality and Safety.

We also provide a wide range of bespoke services designed to meet specific needs. As Workforce Development Consultants in social care and management, our service is tailored to meet your organisation's specific requirements and will be planned in conjunction with you and/or your management team.

 With a broad base of experience there is little that we cannot help with.

We are able to assist with:

Costs will vary for different situations.

If you would like to know more or to discuss your requirements, click here

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