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Comments taken from evaluation forms.

March-June 2013

Assertive skills to manage change:

“I was apprehensive on doing role play but I wanted to act out a problem I was having and the trainer showed me what to do and what to say and also advised me on body language. I felt confident to go back to my workplace and put this into action. It worked and work is better now. Thank you!”

[Senior, NHS, London]

Care Quality Commission Regulations and Outcomes and Health and Social Care Act

“Informative, showed us what we can do to ensure our care homes meet the essential standards. Trainer has ethos of being proactive and not reactive which was refreshing.”

[Manager, care home, East London]

Principles of Care.

“Explaining the values followed by role play. When feeding someone I will never retrieve food from around their mouths with the spoon, I will use a napkin!”

[Care Worker, nursing home, London]

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